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Education Technology Journal

UnSoed IT Opening SeminarEducationTechnology.USUni/School During our ongoing research into current education technology issues we frequently come across very interesting articles that we bookmark. But because we work mainly within the Indonesian language and much of the language in many of the articles is beyond the abilities of most of our readers, we can't use them. However, as many of the issues being discussed (in Indonesian) are just as valid internationally we have commenced creating English versions of some of our websites.

At our main site we ask the question "Are the highly rhetorical claims related to the importance of education technology for improving the quality of learning / teaching appropriate and valid in the Indonesian context? Or in any context?"

At this site we provide the opportunity to openly discuss Articles, Abstracts, and Quotations from contemporary Education Technology literature. I will raise issues that I hope are at least thought provoking, and you will have the opportunity to respond, rebuff, or add your own comments, opinions, or new issues related to the topic.

I personally find many articles and abstracts like this one from Professor Donald P Ely (below) to be very interesting.

"The diffusion of educational technology in Indonesia: a multi-faceted approach" (Donald P Ely, Professor of Instructional Design, Development and Evaluation, Syracuse University, Syracuse, NY, USA.)

"Indonesia, like many developing countries, has problems of increasing numbers of students, shortage of qualified teachers, limited resources and strong support for traditional schooling. Educational technology has been introduced to help alleviate some of the problems and has been relatively successful over the past 15 years. A planned effort to use educational technology in appropriate ways began in the mid-1970s and is still growing. Such success does not come easily. The lessons learned from this effort are explicitly stated in four categories: (1) cultural affairs (2) personnel and training (3) organisation and management and (4) leadership. Each 'lesson' is stated as a principle or guideline. Conclusions emphasise the importance of leadership, commitment, local control, long-range planning and the presence of a communications satellite." (Wiley InterScience :: British Journal of Educational Technology)

1. Re: "Educational technology has been introduced to help alleviate some of the problems and has been relatively successful over the past 15 years." Really? I don't believe so! I believe that education technology has had very little real effect upon the quality of education in Indonesia over the past 25 years. The amount of money spent on technologies that were unsustainable is amazing and has probably had a significant overall negative effect upon education development because the funds could have been better utilized for addressing real learning & teaching issues.

2. To use the phrase "multi-faceted approach" infers (and is later stated) that there has been some kind of plan behind what has happened in education technology in Indonesia. Having worked at the Indonesian Ministry of Education for 2 years, and in the field for 16 years, I do not believe that this is the case. I could not find any evidence of an official MoE master plan for Indonesian education that included detailed education technology planning (mention technology, yes). In fact, this is one of the key issues that we are struggling for at
Education Network Indonesia.

3. You may notice that I haven't used the term "educational technology'. Educational Technology is where I commenced my career 37 years ago, creating technology models and trainers that taught their technologies in an Electronics and Electrical Engineering Faculty. Technology such as the Internet, computers, electronic whiteboards, data projectors, etc. can not be classified as educational technology (in my opinion) becuase they don't teach anything, unless you happen to be studying those particular technologies. It is the content that does the teaching (or otherwise), not the technology. The effectiveness of the technology, only a medium, depends 100% upon the quality of materials and strategies employed in the learning process, as with "traditional schooling" (conventional teaching and learning).

"Is education technology really the solution?"

An Effective Schools Perspective

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The implementation of teknologi in the field of education requires careful integration into a balanced master development plan that addresses all aspects of education development (not a project approach). Often public announcements that appear in our media related to technology in the education arena appear to fail to consider curent research and experience in the general world of education. Specific cases of technology in education seem to be taken as general solutions to education issues.

Of course we must search for creative solutions, however we must also learn from the general pool of world experiences so that we don't replicate the failures experienced in other countries.

We really need some quality research.

Internet Cafe

Is the fact that increasing numbers of students are spending time in Internet cafes rather than spending the time at home reviewing their school work or doing their homework one of the reasons for decreasing performance in their National Exams (UN)?
We need to know!

A very important issue here in Indonesia is that the government must focus upon addressing the myriad of issues within the schools, and not get caught up in the 'hype' about technology. There are so many issues at the school level that need to be addressed if we are going to improve the real quality of education here.

Teacher-based education where the welfare and abilities of the teachers are satisfactory, and the schools are in good condition, with a curriculum that meets the needs of the students, and is 'well balanced' (includes many forms of skills training including technology), that is implemented using contextual learning is the solution for preparing our children for the challenges of the future.

Dear Minister of Education, let's work together to address all education issues so that we acheive true quality education in Indonesia for all...

Education Budget 20% - Clean!!! Without Corruption and Price Mark-Ups ... Please give your attention to the real issues in the field!

"We Must Find A Medicine For Corruption Virus" - Virus?
Not A Pack Of Thieves That Needs Arresting?

Please read!

"Bambang Sudibyo (our Minister of Education) added that, with ICT facilities we will be capable of addressing access to quality education, that till now is difficult to access by those in isolated areas." (ANTARA News).

Excuse me Sir, what do you mean by "access to quality education" what quality education, where is it?
Please let us know Sir!

We are currently looking for sources of learning and teaching mateials on the Internet for students and teachers. Please send links to our DataBase sections: "Learning Materials Sites" or "Teaching Materials Sites"

Webmaster .

Your Comments / Information

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Created 8 October, 2008
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